Eric Dyer

I like to go on long walks around the city. The buildings are beautiful; the flowers float all around us. I love days with the fog and I love the days with the sun.

Painting has the ability to slow time. Every day I take in more but remember less. What did I do last Wednesday night? The week before that? Today, three years ago? So, while trying to make conscious decisions about how to think and what to pay attention to, I paint. I paint buildings I see on my walks around the city. I paint pictures of photos my parents took when I was a kid and portraits of who I may be today. (I’m still unsure.) I paint past art that I made but no longer have. I paint because my paintings can never be perfect. I paint to hold on just a little bit longer.

Eric Dyer currently lives and works in San Francisco, California and studied Studio Art at California College of the Arts (MFA) and Painting and Drawing at the University of North Texas (BFA).

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